• Food

    One of the principal priorities of Casa da Cortinha is to disseminate the traditional and local gastronomy. You can enjoy these meals in the Fireplace Room, the Dining Room or the Pool Bar depending on the weather and the time of year. During the programmes when the meals are eaten outside of Casa da Cortinha the restaurants are chosen according to their quality and characteristics, allowing for the visitor to enjoy the best cuisine and the best wine of the region.

  • Quinta dos Abibes

    The concept of exclusiveness extends itself to the wine. The friendly relationship between the producer and the reunion of concepts is evident in the relationship between Casa da Cortinha and Quinta dos Abibes. Thought out to be enjoyed by professionals, the wines of Quinta dos Abibes, due to their small production and the quality they demand, are a prestigious Portuguese trademark.

    quinta dos abides
  • Vinho do Porto

    As a Portuguese trademark, Port Wine has to have a privileged treatment at Casa da Cortinha. Carefully selected by one of the best enologists of the Country, the Port Wine which is chosen for tasting will always be only the best.